Unidive Fins

Unidive Open heel fins with larger foot pocket designed for dry suit booties. Unique design of water vent located in front of foot pocket for water channelling to eliminate resistance during kicking.

  • EVA fin blade
  • TPR foot socket
  • TPRchannels provide greater power with reduced effort.
  • Good "spooning" action
  • High quality of manufacture
  • Economically priced
  • Comfortable fit
  • Patented quick-release buckles

Available in four colors:
Aquarius Rubber Fins
Poseidon Sports Fin
High force, light weight, travel-friendly fin

In collaboration with Mares, Poseidon launches its new, light weight Sports Fin. Featuring a quick release strap system, the fin is very flexible through its combination of PVC, rubber and silicone. The fin gives high forward force. Available in the One Series colours.

Colours: Blue, Red, Black, Grey
Material: Plastic in combination with rubber and silicone.
Technical Features: Light weight fin that is great for travel, semi­flexible for comfort and force, adjustable heel strap with quick release system.

Mares Plana Avanti X3

The perfect combination of comfort, convenience and power. The mid-sized TecraleneŽ blade has three channels to optimize the flow of water. Upper and lower stabilizers help maximize muscle energy conversion. A complete range of sizes, from XS to XL, can meet the needs of all diving fans, including women and younger divers. The straps feature the ABS system for one-handed adjustment.

  • Type: open heel
  • Operating principle: Channel Thrust Technology with four channels (patented)
  • Material: termoplastic rubber TeracleneŽ
  • blade (regular): length: 36 cm / 14 inches thrust area 750 cm2 / 116 in 2
  • buckles: ABS system (patented)
  • Sizes: Extra small, small, regular, extra large
Mares Plana Avanti Quatro

Long finning action without exertion. Ideal for warm-water and tropical diving. A medium sized blade with three channels; the curvature of the central channel opposes that of the side channels. Blade stabilizers on the end of the fin help prevent ankle injuries caused by twisting.

  • Type: open heel
  • operating principle :Channel Thrust Technology with four channels (patented)
  • Material: thermoplastic rubber/TecraleneŽ
  • blade (regular) :length: 38 cm / in 15 in, thrust area 780 cm2 / 121 in 2
  • buckles :ABS system (patented)
  • Sizes : Small, regular, extra large
OMS Slipstream

A fin so revolutionary that the U.S. Navy cut their swim time by 1 minute on a 500 Meter Swim ! This proven fin design is manufactured from a lightweight, neutrally buoyant Monoprene resin that results in better trim positioning with maximum thrust on the down kick and minimal resistance on the up kick

Scubapro Jet Fins

  • Long history of performance. Considered the standard for power and durability since 1965.
  • Proven vented design. Decrease drag on the upstroke; enhances thrust on the downstrok.
  • Adjustable heel strap. Secures strap for ease of pre-dive preparati
Scubapro Jet Fin Revo
Scubapro Jet Sport

Jet Sport is a powerful and high performing blade fin, perfect for all divers.

  • Big blade for a truly powerful response in the water.
  • Drag reducing vents substantially decrease resistance on both up and down strokes.
  • Three material blade construction optimizes flex and comfort to achieve a high level of performance.
  • Quick release buckles.
  • Ergonomic foot pocket.
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