Scubapro White Tip Stainless Steel knife

Compact knife blade to be worn on a BC as a primary or backup.

Technical Specifications
  • Length of knife blade 6.6cm / 2.56 in
  • Overall length of knife 14.7 cm / 5.8 in
  • Stainless knife with sheath 93g / 3.3oz
  • Stainless knife alone 57g / 2oz
Scubapro Mako Stainless Steel Knife

Technical Information
  • Length of knife blade: 8.5cm / 3.34 in
  • Overall length of knife: 19cm / 7.48 in
  • Stainless knife with sheath: 190g / 6.70 oz
  • Stainless knife alone: 92g / 3.24 oz
Halcyon Explorer Knife

  • Lightweight, durable Titanium knife in a low profile package
  • Solid titanium knife measures 5.75-in. (14.6-cm.) long with a 2.5-in. (6.4-cm.) blade
  • Easy-grip handle, a serrated and straight edge blade, with line cutter
  • Angled sheath minimizes contact point with the suit
  • One-handed design for easy sheath removal/replacement
Halcyon H Knife

The titanium Halcyon "H" knife consistently proves to be one of our most popular accessories. The sturdy nylon pocket mounts on the waistband of the Secure Harness and is always within easy reach. The Halcyon knife sheath wraps around the knife’s handle with overlaying Velcro straps to secure the blade during a dive.

  • 2.5” titanium blade, 7” total length
  • Top serrated edge in addition to a straight edge and line cutter
  • Stainless Steel strike on the end of the handle can be used for signaling against a tank or as a blunt tool

Unidive diving knives’ blades are available in 420.

Stainless steel blades have remarkable fine hollow ground cutting edge.

Thermoplastic rubber molded handle fits comfortably either in gloved or bare hands.

Special designed Quick-Adjust system rubber strap eliminates the inconvenience of older style manual buckles.
Unidive Titanium

Titanium diving knife is constructed of Ti6AL - 4V titanium blade. It is completely corrosion resistant.
Titanium Folding Knife

* Ti6AL4V Knife blade
* Overall length 21 cm.
* Optional arm holster available
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