Aquatec 3250
Aquatec Led 1700
    Location: Clip on Mask strap, or your Pockets.
  • Weight: 39 Grams. (1 x AAA Alkaline Battery & SUS Clip Included).
  • Material: Aluminum with anodized and sandblasted in black.
  • Bright: 60000 Mcd.
  • Overall length: 10 cm.
  • Waterproof: 120 Meter.
  • Burn time: 3 Hours (100%~50%), 8 Hours (100%~10%).
  • Bright Dia./Distance: 25 cm/1 Meter. 50 cm/2 Meter. 75 cm/3 Meter. 100 cm/4 Meter. 125 cm/5 Meter.
  • Accessories: Lanyard, 1 x AAA Alkaline Battery & Mask strap clip included.
Ikelite PCm
PCm is the smallest and newest of the PC series. A new bulb provides amazing intensity and beam pattern from four "AA" cell batteries.
Ikelite PCa
Innovative PCa provides primary light intensity in an ultra compact size with six "AA" batteries. Ask to see this incomparable light at your dive shop

Ikelite PC

The PC Lite provides primary light intensity with four "C" cell batteries for heavy duty constant use. Innovative new easy open and close design.
Ikelite RCD

The revolutionary RCD was the first of the rear clamp light designs. It features a larger reflector and is powered by four "D" cell batteries for heavy duty power.
The Super-8 RCD is supplied with both style handles. The brightest non rechargeable on the market. Easy to open and close rear clamp design.
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