Problue Tiara 2
Splendive II
  • Bi-symmetrical lenses for easy installation of corrective lenses.
  • Special low volume design for snug fit and easy clearing.
  • 2-window design with wide field of vision and light weight for comfort.

The Splendive II, TM-7500Q is very light with a total weight of only 6.3 ounces. It fits close to your face providing an extra-wide field of vision and is also quick and easy to clear. Corrective lenses are available for easy installation.

M20QB Platina

Black silicone and super-thin form for underwater photographers.(M-20QB) This design features a black silicone skirt and strap. The frame is available in Black/Shark Silver(BK/SS)

M20 Platina
  • Direct sashing 2-window design for super-thin form.
  • The narrowest center joints eliminate the vision field split.

TUSA has devoted years of research to improving the diving mask's field of vision. The result is the new Direct Sashing System (D.S.S.)[PAT.], a totally new structure. It eliminates the inner frame that blocks the field of vision and attaches the lens directly to the frame to realize a startlingly new super-slim frame. The result is a major increase in the upper/lower-left/right visibility range. It also achieves a major narrowing of the center joints connecting the left and right lenses to eliminate the vision field split.

Mask with Purge
H50 Shadow Frameless
M 016
Kids Kai
M 40
M 18
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