Sherwood Pro Valve

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Product Description

  • Standard Yoke Outlet with a Spin-Out Threaded DIN Adapter
  • Yoke Pressure: 3,000 psi (200 bars)
  • DIN Pressure: 230 bar (3,300 psi)
  • Valve Exceeds CGA V9 Standards for Cylinder Valves for Compressed Gases
  • Cycle Tested at Sherwood Factory: 5,000 x, Exceed-All-Real-Time World Applications
  • Testing: Assures User the Highest in Quality and Dependability
  • High-Flow Characteristics to Maximize Regulator Performance
  • Easy-and-Comfortable Cylinder Handling
  • Slant Back Hand Wheel: Allows Easy Access to Operating the Valve
  • Positive Hand Wheel Grip for Easy-Identification of On/Off Direction
  • Proven-and-Readily Available-Replacement Valve Parts
  • DOT Approved Burst Disc Assembly with Integrated-Disc and Plug Design
  • Multi Ported Burst Disc Plug for Added Safety
  • Tested to 12,000 psi (828 bars) for Safety
  • Construction: Durable Corrosion Resistant Marine Grade Chrome Plated Brass
  • Heavy-Duty Valve Mechanism: Designed for Smooth-Operation
  • Standard 3/4″- 14 NPSM Threaded Cylinder to Valve Inlet
  • High-Capacity Dip Tube