Poseidon One Suit

The popular One Suit Sport is Poseidonís versatile, multi-purpose wetsuit. The range covers all aspects of diving from tropical to cold waters. The One Suit Sport is made of first grade geoprene with a jersey lining and a nylon outer shell for extra durability. Geoprene is a based on limestone and is more enviormently friendly then neoprene that is oil based
Colours: Blue, Red, Black, Grey

Material: Geoprene in 5 mm. Available in 4 colors; black, blue, red and grey.

Technical features: Ultra comfortable neoprene with superstrech on sides for perfect fit, pre­bent arms and legs with water seals.


Poseidon Traveller

Flexible full-body wetsuit, designed for warm water diving and watersports made from 3 mm neoprene. Ultrastretch neoprene at the body joints for comfort and movement. The brushed superstretch helps the suit glide easily on and off

Poseidon Rashguard

Aropec camou SS-5K15HP-1mm
Bib Hood
Full Hood
Vest with Zipper
Rash Guard
Neophrene Socks
Orca Wetsuit
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